An old photo showing many original founding members of 真人百家游戏平台, sitting in a boardroom round a table


Go back to the very beginning of the 真人百家游戏平台 story...


真人百家游戏平台的概念开始了 在20世纪60年代末. David Paton, a renowned US ophthalmologist, was a faculty member of The Wilmer Eye Institute at John Hopkins. 后扩展 在国外的经历,博士. Paton recognized the lack of eye care and ophthalmic teaching in developing nations where blindness was widespread. 它关注他 because 90% of the world’s avoidable blindness occurs in the developing world, so someone needed to try to close this gap. But the high costs of tuition, international travel and accommodations prevented most doctors and nurses in low-income countries from coming to the 美国培训.

Dr. David Paton first thought of the idea of project 真人百家游戏平台


Project 真人百家游戏平台 is officially launched in 1973 to deliver training to the eyes of the world. In Latin 真人百家游戏平台 means “Of the Eye” and in Greek it means “around the world.”


这段经历让我受益匪浅 the idea for a mobile teaching hospital and the inspiration for the world’s 唯一飞行眼科医院. Hence, Project 真人百家游戏平台 International was born. 这 led to a unique and lasting alliance between aviation and medicine. 与 help from other supporters like Betsy Trippe DeVecchi, Niles Bond, George 托马斯·奈特,查尔斯·洛德,J. 赖特·朗博和A.L. Ueltschi, donated plane from United Airlines, and a grant from USAID, they converted a DC-8 plane into the world’s first fully functional teaching eye hospital.

The first 飞行眼科医院 was officially christened in Houston, Texas at the Ellington Air Force Base and took off on its first project to Panama in May 1982.

The christening of the very first 飞行眼科医院 in 1982


随着真人百家游戏平台这些年的成长, we added hospital-based training programs and fellowships to our portfolio to provide additional skills-building opportunities for eye care professionals. In 1999, 建立当地合作伙伴的能力, we created long-term country programs in Bangladesh, 中国, 埃塞俄比亚, India and Vietnam – similar programs are also underway in parts of the Latin America and the Caribbean. 真人百家游戏平台在这些国家的永久办事处, 由当地员工运营, develop and implement an array of multi-year projects to improve the quality and accessibility of eye care to residents, particularly in rural areas and impoverished urban communities. Many of these programs focus on the treatment and prevention of childhood blindness, 白内障, 沙眼和角膜疾病.

Cybersight: Online Training and Consultations

真人百家游戏平台’s award winning telemedicine platform, Cybersight的想法. Eugene Helveston who first had the idea whilst visiting Cuba in the late 1990s. He realized that although it was helpful to train and teach eye teams aboard the 飞行眼科医院, 没有连续性和后续培训, lasting improvement in the skill set of local ophthalmologists was hard to achieve.

在回古巴的旅途中. Helveston brought his computer and video equipment, allowing Cuban doctors to send follow-up photographs of cases to mentors in the U.帮助诊断和治疗病人. 这 electronic relationship would be the start of Cybersight. Dr. Helveston saw immediately the benefit of establishing these long-term and long-distance partnerships and began expanding the program.


由于博士. Helveston的愿景 and persistence and generous support from a number of donors, Cybersight officially launched in June 2003. Today Cybersight provides long-distance mentoring and education, 网络课程和讲座, symposiums and case follow-up to eye teams in 199 countries. Our expert volunteers and staff provide on-demand advice for complex cases, mentoring local eye care professionals on diagnosis and treatment.

In 2020 alone, Cybersight trained 26,000 eye health professionals from 192 countries. We also added 20,000 new users, and our video library was viewed 2.300万倍.

Cybersight continues to break records as telemedicine and remote learning becomes an even bigger part of 真人百家游戏平台's strategy, 以及更广泛的社会行为. As many sectors and industries begin to shift towards online learning, we have amassed nearly 20 years of experience and content - in large part thanks to Dr. Helveston的愿景.