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来自大卫的新支持 & Molly Pyott基金会加强赞比亚的眼睛护理

The David和Molly Pyott Foundation is generously donating $4 million to transform eye health across 赞比亚. 在未来的三年里, our long-term partnership will focus on capacity-building and the delivery of high-quality care across the country.

The second phase of the project is set to begin immediately and comes after the completion of a successful first phase. 2019年至2021年, the David和Molly Pyott Foundation invested $2 million in the first phase, which bolstered the residency training program at our partner University Teaching Hospital (UTH)-Eye Hospital. 四个新, 现在练习, ophthalmologists graduated directly as a result of this project and 11 more received best-in-class training.

真人百家游戏平台资助了一项为期一年的奖学金. Ziporrah Phiri, who was already providing high-quality care to those who needed it and is now providing leadership and mentorship to the next generation of ophthalmologists at UTH.

作为加强南威尔斯大学住院医师培训计划的一部分, 真人百家游戏平台建立了一个研究生资源中心, which includes a wet lab where residents can hone their surgical skills in a risk-free environment.

Dr. Phiri now mentors the next generation of ophthalmologists in 赞比亚.

The first phase also ensured the provision of critical equipment and supplies, 包括个人防护用品, along with raising awareness of the importance of eye health, reaching vulnerable communities and sharing best practices to improve national eye health policies.

David和Molly Pyott

恢复视力会改变生命. Teach­ing and edu­cat­ing oph­thal­mol­o­gists is one of the major fund­ing goals of our foun­da­tion because enhanced skills for oph­thal­mol­o­gists and eye health work­ers enables endur­ing capac­i­ty for improved eye care. We’re proud to sup­port 真人百家游戏平台’s impor­tant work in Zam­bia. The 真人百家游戏平台 team accom­plished a great deal in the first three years of this project, and we look for­ward to sup­port­ing them as they expand their impact even fur­ther in the years ahead.”


In 赞比亚, 有多达678个,000名视力受损或失明的人, 在将近1700万的人口中. 女性 and girls are disproportionately affected by blindness.

Most of the major causes of blindness in 赞比亚—cataract (53.2%)、青光眼(19.0%)、沙眼(5.7%)、屈光不正(15.3%),角膜混浊(3.6%) and retinal disorders including diabetic eye diseases (3.2%)——完全可以治疗或预防.

Meanwhile the country faces a critical shortage of eye health workers, with only 33 ophthalmologists and 186 other eye health professionals—most of whom are clustered within a few regional provinces.

The 赞比亚 eye health sector has made great strides over the last decade. 其中包括基础设施建设, country-wide equipment procurement and improvements in service delivery.

然而, significant barriers to quality eye care continue to exist and have been made worse by the 真人百家家乐app下载 pandemic.


在皮茨夫妇的持续支持下, we are set to reinforce and build on the progress already made in the past three years.

2022年至2024年, their $4 million investment will focus on addressing the lack of trained ophthalmologists, improving the quality of sub-specialty training opportunities, providing equipment and supplies for detection and treatment of eye 条件, 加强眼部护理社区教育.

Fifty-two residents from our hospital partners UTH-Eye Hospital, Kitwe和Ndola将接受培训, of which 29 are expected to graduate over the course of the project. 四名医生将接受专科培训.

在未来的三年里, we will leverage our award-winning online mentorship platform, Cybersight, 支持和补充住院医师教育, 医院培训, 车间和奖学金.

将为住院医生提供培训, 练习眼科医生, 护士, 临床人员, biomedical engineers as well as primary care practitioners and community health workers from tertiary hospitals to community health centers.

通过项目的下一阶段, we will help raise awareness and increase demand for eye health through community mobilization alongside our partners.

赞比亚n patient 格拉迪斯 has a cataract caused by trauma to the eye

格拉迪斯, 一个患白内障的赞比亚女孩, got her eyes screened and treated at an 真人百家游戏平台-funded hospital.


大卫和莫莉·Pyott基金会是一家私营的美国机构.S.-based charitable foundation dedicated to achieving three major goals: teaching and educating ophthalmologists worldwide to provide better eye care, improving care for disabled individuals and enabling youth to secure employment.

We would like to say an enormous thank you to the Pyotts for their unwavering generosity and support. 通过真人百家游戏平台的持续合作, we can provide access to quality eye care for families across 赞比亚.